Four scientific journals are currently published:

  • Psyche: problems, perspectives, devoted to both practical and theoretical aspects of psychiatry, psychology, psychotherapy and narcology, published in Georgian with English summaries;
  • Academia, a journal covering the whole range of the human sciences, publishes interdisciplinary papers, modern research results and discussion of actual topics. Papers are published in Georgian with English summaries.
  • The Georgian Journal of Neurosciences (GJN), jointly published with the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Papers are in English with Georgian summaries.
  • Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry (JBPC), focusing on experimental and theoretical transdisciplinary research covering the areas of biology, physics and chemistry, and their applications to current problems in medicine and environmental science (ecology). Papers are in English. This journal is jointly published with the Collegium Basilea (Institute of Advanced Study) in Basel, Switzerland.